Staff at Camp



Executive Director, Jon Duba

Jon grew up in Worthington, Minnesota. He attended Northwestern College in Roseville, Minnesota and graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Ministries in 1982. In 1986 He graduated from Denver Seminary with a Masters in Christian Education. Jon served as a youth Pastor of First Baptist Church of Ellinwood, Kansas. Jon married Elizabeth A. in 1989 and later they went to the Philippines as missionaries with the North American Baptist Conference. Jon also served as youth pastor of Word of Life Baptist Church in Alpena, Michigan. Jon has enjoyed camp ministry for many year and likes to create another fun thing for kids to do at camp. Jon loves to hunt, fish, water ski and play with Katelyn, Courtney and Carson, his wonderful children.

Maintenance, Clinton Wipf

In April of 2002 Clinton Wipf came on staff part-time to help with maintenance at the camp. Clinton retired from farming north of the camp in Spink County and desired to help a ministry. He still lives out on the farm near Frankfort, SD. He has been a great asset in the time he has been here. His experience from many years on the farm helps with a variety of projects. Clinton has been happily married for 31 years and likes to fish and golf. He attends the Hutterthal Mennonite Church.

Finances, Gayle Feistner

Gayle Feistner has taken the leadership role as the director of finances for the camp. Gayle is from Woonsocket, SD and a graduate of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. He has a BS in accounting. Gayle likes to watch sports and go on walks. Gayle loves the Lord and attends Bethesda church in Huron, SD.

 2016 Board of Directors

Merrit Mendel
Travis Halsey
Ryan Thompson
Owen Gross
Ben Wipf
Don Hofer
Stacey Tschetter
Glen Palmquist
Michael Petts

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